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We designed Boovits with the teenage female market in mind, this is reflected in the use of retro 80's colour palattes and the overall youthful vibe and style of the Boovits brand.

  • Boovits is a natural all in one supplement that provides all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to boost the length, strength and condition of your hair and nails, and give your skin a beautiful glow. They needed a whole new brand created from the ground up. 

  • The labels we’ve designed are colourful and full of energy to help them jump off the shelves, with a silver foil finish to give them an extra boost!

  • Besides the branding we’ve created some stunning imagery to showcase the new product line and labels, and a new e-commerce website is on the way later in the year. You can view the Boovits website at: www.boovits.co.uk