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Way back in the days of Cow Gum, scalpels, Rubylith tape, and spotter monkeys, 3 Men & a Suit was born. The story went something like this...

Established 1990 & Still Smoking

Simon H, Simon B, and Diana Scott (AKA The Suit) were sitting in Simon B's mum's hall on the phone to Comet head office and having just been made redundant and with only three grand seed capital between us, this timely phone conversation was a very good thing! "What is your new agency called" they said.. we said the first thing that sprang to mind - It stuck!

Well the pitch went unbelievably well, especially as we were up against some of London's most respected agencies and we got our first major job; to launch computers across the mighty Comet empire, which was achieved without Comet getting wind that we were working from a broom cupboard. Money in the bank, we went mad and splashed out on a newfangled Macintosh SE computer and a lease purchase plan for a Citroën AX (they were the only guys who would give us credit).


Simon H isn’t in the shot as he was the one trying not to fall off the table while taking it.


Now years later 3 has become 14 and we operate the slickest - running operation on the South Coast. Every year we turn out wonderful work for hundreds of amazing clients in print, pixels, and sometimes both. We still refuse to be boring (unless specifically asked) and still live, sleep, and eat, creativity on the ever changing journey that takes us.

Perhaps the most gratifying part of all this is that we are now seen as the designers' design studio, a place aspiring art students, and the freshest, most exiting talent want to join. 3 Men & a Suit was set up through necessity, but also and perhaps more importantly, because we enjoy running a creative business.

That enthusiasm has ensured that we've not lost the buzz. We're professional but not corporate. We've developed without becoming victims to the mundane. We're equally proud to work with clients as huge as The World Health Organisation or smaller brilliant family owned ones like Yellow Dot Kindergarten and ensure we do every thing we can to make sure 3 Men's lateral solutions bring creative, strategic and technological expertise together to transform brands and make the whole process great fun too.